Our strategic plans provide clients with a step-by-step approach to building business stability and enhanced growth. Every plan addresses issues such as competition, industry specific trends and the impact of current demographic, economic and social trends.

Marketing and Promotions

Analysis is critical to success. Our approach ensures your marketing and promotions budget is maximized. Through careful planning and consistent assessment processes materials and promotions are delivered in a timely manner. Individual and comparative post promotion evaluations are conducted as part of the process to ensure future programs build upon past experiences and successes.

Event Development

This program includes the development of a master plan of your event with step by step instructions on how accomplish necessary tasks to ensure event success. Timelines and workload hours are provided for categories such as short term and long term event goals, marketing, sponsorship, logistics, and legalities.



Consulting services are available in the areas of:
  • Market Assessment - Have your potential business ideas assessed for profitability and market potential.
  • Time Management - Increase your productivity levels by improving your personal daily and overall business time management skills.
  • Sales Generation - Interactive sales generation skills exercises and activities.
  • Retail Coaching - coaching available in the areas of:
    • Financial Operations
    • Budgets
    • Labour Assessment and Planning
    • Employee Management and Training
    • Merchandising and Store Standards

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Silver Service 4 Extraordinary Customers

This seminar provides participants with a simple step by step process for ensuring customers consistently receive the silver service treatment. The silver service customer service model ensures customers know they're valued, maximizes sales and helps to build your brand.

Strategies For Your Business & Your Day

This half-day workshop discusses time as a commodity in your life and in your business. Exercises are designed to provide participants with the skills to utilize time effectively. Topics discussed include: Prioritizing Projects, Creating Timelines Short term and long term, Planning, Eliminating the distracters, Taking control of your future day by day

Sales Make The Business

Simple Strategies for Success. This half-day workshop examines sales as a means of building long term relationships and success. Topics discussed include: Sales Foibles, Falsehoods and Hope, The Power of Presentation, The Clear and Concise Message, Sales Generation Strategies.